Dowsing With Your Pendulum

Einstein’s famous equation, E = MC2, equates energy and matter. All living things are a mixture of energy and matter. Gravity holds matter together; there is a similar force that binds energies together, and pervades the whole universe.

You start by learning how to use your Pendulum, especially the signals needed for accuracy and the correct method of asking questions. Learn to make your home healthy and prevent diseases. You can accomplish water divining, improving water quality, and locate people and objects.

Bonding with your Pendulum

A Pendulum can be made from a paperclip on a piece of cotton thread, a brass weight on a string, or a cannon ball on a chain (if you are strong enough to lift it!). Some people use key tags or a crystal on a metal chain. A glass bead, about 3/8 Th. inch ( 1 cm) diameter (spherical or pear-shaped) suspended by about 15 inches (40 cm) of braided thread (e.g. a shoe lace) is a good compromise.

First, bond together with your Pendulum as a team, and let the Force for Good be with you – so hold your Pendulum in your ‘other’ hand (left, if you are right-handed) and say:

“I, (your name), the owner of this Pendulum, declare that only the Force for Good can respond to my quests when using this Pendulum or any other Dowsing tool; I promise to use my Pendulum only for Good.”

It is important to realize – and remember – that using your Pendulum is not a game, but a means of helping your conscious self to work closely with the Force for Good – your Spirit Guides can help by acting as your ‘Gatekeeper’, and as your link to the spirit world. It may connect you to other souls, and may give you access to universal knowledge.

You have direct access to your Soul, your Mind, and to the creations of man such as cars and computers; you can contact animals and vegetation, providing that you have the permission of their Devas. We call this whole method of using Dowsing “The System”.

You should be in a state of serious focus when using your Pendulum. This means being really sincere and honest, concentrating on what you are saying and thinking – and thinking only good thoughts.

You may also find that taking a ‘Pranic Breath’ helps your Dowsing: Place your conscious awareness at the top of your nose / between your eyes; breathe deeply, feeling the breath with your conscious awareness; exhale, moving your conscious awareness straight back into your head. You may feel yourself expand, and your ‘mind chatter’ will usually lessen.

Because using your Pendulum is such a serious business it presents a problem; if you only use your Pendulum for serious matters then how do you get the practice that you need to learn (and to teach others) to become proficient?

The answer lies in asking The System for permission to practice on ‘silly’ things – like the cards in a pack, telling dates of coins, or finding non-essential things. But if you ask permission to practice and then use the results for personal gain (like winning at cards) you may be penalized.

Yes and No

The Signals That You Use

If you are right-handed, then use your left hand for holding your Pendulum. Although you can use either hand to Dowse, you may find that the best hand to use as your Dowsing hand is the opposite hand to that which you normally use; this allows your ‘normal’ hand to be used for writing when you are Dowsing.

Now hold your Pendulum as shown on the cover page, with the holding point between your thumb and first finger of your normal hand (the finger next to the thumb), with about 7 inches (20 cm) of string to the point of your Pendulum, which should be about 1/4 inch (0.5 cm) above a piece of blank paper. First of all, just hold it still (this is like teaching your dog to sit!).

Step 1

Now, look at the diagram of circles and lines next to this writing. Hold your Pendulum above the middle of the ‘up and down’ line and make it swing along the line – towards you and away from you; this is the “WAITING POSITION” – ready for a question. Stop, hold your Pendulum still, and without making it move ask it swing in the “waiting position”.

Step 2

Repeat this procedure explaining that if the question is poorly worded, is not understood, is beyond your Dowsing ability, or should not be asked, then the “NOT AVAILABLE” signal to be used is to slow down and stop along the “Waiting Position”, and then to restart swinging on the “Not Available” line.

Step 3

Hold your Pendulum over the clockwise circle, and tell it to move in a clockwise direction; if it doesn’t move the first time, you can make it move – but keep at this until it moves without you forcing it. Repeat for the anti-clockwise circle.

Step 4

Hold your Pendulum over the “YES” circle and ask your Pendulum to make a circle in the “YES” direction.

Do not make it move, just wait for it to move on its own! This is VERY important since you are trying to find which is the “YES” direction for you – and if you force a movement it could be the wrong way!

Step 5

Then hold it over the “NO” circle and ask it to make a circle in the“NO” direction. Practice these “YES” and “NO” circles to make sure that you have them correct – they are the key to being able to Dowse. If you cannot get sure answers about the circles, then define the “YES” circle as clockwise, and the “NO” circle as anticlockwise, and repeat the exercises to ensure they work.

Repeat steps 1 to 5 until you have success – then you can ask simple questions for practice (but remember to ask permission to practice first!), such as “Is today Wednesday?” – but wait until you have read all the instructions before asking any important questions.


The other key to using your Pendulum is asking for directions; so hold your Pendulum over the center of the ‘counting chart’ (marked “Start Here”) so that it is either still or making a small circle. Now tell it to move in the direction of the line marked “6”.

Your Pendulum should make a small “YES” circle, and then move along the line leading towards the number requested. If it makes a “NO” circle, be cautious – something may be wrong!

Repeat this with the other lines, marked “0” to “9”, until it does them all correctly. You can use this skill to find lost and stolen items, read messages, seek treasure, and find your way home!

About Dowsing

These instructions explain how to quest with your Pendulum, and give some exercises for you to practice. You will have a lot of fun finding things, increasing your Dowsing skills at the same time – and gaining confidence in your Dowsing abilities.

Dowsing tools include ‘L’-shaped rods (such as cut coat hangers), ‘Y’-shaped rods (hazel or other branches), ‘bobbers’ (like fishing rods held by the tip), and Pendulums (a weight on the end of a length of string). Pendulums can do all that any of the other Dowsing tools can do!

How Dowsing works have been one of the world’s oldest mysteries. Some Force works through a Dowser’s mind and body to make the Dowsing tool act as an amplifier – so that you are aware of small body movements, such as in your hand or arm, caused by your ‘intuition’ responding to the Force. This System gives you a solution to your quest – an answer to your question.

We use the term ‘quest’ because you are seeking something – like the old time quest of the Knights of King Arthur’s Round Table. You seek the answer to a question, the location of an object, or a direction to take.

You will NOT become an expert Dowser overnight – or even in a few weeks. To become an expert needs lots of hard work, over months, maybe years. The important part is improving – getting better at using your skills. And you will never learn if you do not keep trying! Even as an expert, you may lose your skills if you do not keep on practicing.

Have you heard of ‘Pyramid Power’? It can even sharpen razor blades! When your Pendulum circles it is making a cone shape, a ‘virtual’ circular pyramid!

Tuning Your Pendulum

A long string is more sensitive to small muscular movements but takes a longer time to complete a movement than does a short string. When starting to Dowse you may find a long string best, changing to a shorter length as you become more skilled.

Some people use very long strings on their Pendulums, and vary the length according to the item they are seeking; this long type of Pendulum was developed by T.C.Lethbridge, but is not generally used today.

A light Pendulum needs less energy to respond but is more easily blown about by the wind. You may need a heavier one if you use it outside in strong winds.

Since your Pendulum is being used for your quests, you should choose a length that responds best to YOUR mind and body – instead of the length that you used to start. This is called ‘tuning’ your Pendulum.

The most accurate way is to hold the string between your thumb and first finger of your ‘other’ hand, and slowly let the string out. If you find this difficult, wrap the string around a pencil first; but be sure to hold the string (on the pencil) between your thumb and first finger.

Start with about 2 inches (5 cm) of string between your finger and the pendulum weight. Place your ‘normal’ elbow against the side of your body, with your ‘normal’ hand in front of you, palm upwards, pointing across your body; let your Pendulum swing gently along the line of your hand.

Let the string out a little at a time, and soon your Pendulum will start to make a circle; continue to let out the string slowly, and your Pendulum will go back to swinging again; let out more string until your Pendulum starts making a circle again – note that this circle is much larger than the first circle; you have found the correct place to hold the string of your Pendulum!

If you are very sensitive, your Pendulum may make very large circles all the time when using this length; if this is so, then use the shorter length – when your Pendulum first started to make a circle. Mark this the ‘holding point’ by making a simple slip knot in the string.

Training With Your Pendulum

Your Pendulum is a tool; by itself, it has no magic abilities! All it does is enable you to get input from the intuitive side of your brain without a lot of interference from the rational side of your brain – and amplifies that input. As with all tools, you must take care of your Pendulum so that it is clean and in good condition when needed.

Repeat the first lesson with the “YES” and “NO” circles. Most people get a clockwise rotation for “YES”, and anti-clockwise for “NO”. In some cases people get signals the other way round; if this is happening to you, then go over the procedure a few more times to make certain, and remember that for you the signals are ‘clockwise = NO, anti-clockwise = YES’.

The “YES” and “NO” directions may change depending on your body cycles (and those of any person that you are asking about). So it is good practice to check the directions each time you Dowse, and each time you ask about any other person. So ask ‘Show me the signal for “YES” ’ whenever you Dowse.

The next step is to make sure that The System agrees to the use of these signals given by your Pendulum. So hold your Pendulum over a blank piece of paper, and declare:

  • ‘You must only be influenced by The Force and only for good.’
  • ‘You must always tell the truth, got from all available sources.’
  • ‘You must only move “YES” or “NO” if the question is a good, clear question, permitted to be asked by me, and if the true answer is known.’
  • ‘Otherwise, you must stay still or give a “Not Available” signal.’

This is VERY important, so ask The System if it understands! If your Pendulum signals “NO” or stays still, then repeat this part of the training until your Pendulum signals “YES”.

Some people consider that a ‘witness’ aids their questing. This is a sample of what you seek – held in your hand, attached to your Pendulum, or inserted into your Pendulum (if it is hollow and can be unscrewed). This may work by concentrating your thoughts on the task at hand.

Asking Questions

There are some very important rules about the questions that you ask. While The System may be able to understand your intention, it may still insist that you ‘cover all your bases’ to get you into a good habit. And this habit is important, since at times you may address questions to an animal, a tree, your car or your computer; they will respond to the exact question that you ask – even if it is not what you intended!

First, the question must be clear, so that The System really understands the question. If you are thinking about eating more ice cream the question ‘Is it OK?’ is NOT clear – The System may not understand what you mean by “it”! So ask ‘Is it OK for me to eat more ice cream now?’

Imagine that you are in a car which has a broken fuel gauge; you ask ‘Does the car need gas?’. The answer will always be “YES”, even if the tank is full. The car needs gasoline (called ‘gas’) to make the engine work, and it needs air (another gas) to burn with the gasoline and to fill the tires. A better way to ask this question would be ‘Is the gas tank of this car less than half full?’.

Second, the answer must be “YES” or “NO”. If somebody told you a story, asking ‘Is the story true?’ may not work, because some of it may be true, and some of it may not be true. So you must ask about the part of the story that you think may be untrue.

Third, there are some questions which should NOT be asked – especially if the question is NOT your business! This is why is very important to ask The System ‘May I ask about XXX?’ before asking the actual question.

Fourth, you must not try to make your Pendulum move in any way. If you try to force it to move “YES” because you want it to, but think that the true answer may be “NO”, then you are spoiling the training that you have done. So the next time that you ask a question, The System may not give the correct answer.

Fifth, you must check that you are working within the ‘rules of the game’. This means that you must define your question and the reason for asking it, and check with your pendulum for “YES” answers to ‘May I, Can I, Should I?’

  • “I am seeking to find the best way to ….” to define the problem.
  • “This is to help XXX to feel happier” to explain your reason for asking.
  • “May I ask?” to get permission to proceed, and confirm that the answer is available.
  • “Can I ask?” to inquire if you have the skill to get a correct answer.
  • “Should I ask?” in case your question is about a forbidden subject.

And then ask your question if the replies have all been “YES”.

“Is my understanding that YYYY correct?” is a good way to check that the question was what you intended, that you have understood the answer, and that the answer given was the correct answer!

If any reply is “NO”, you do NOT proceed; if you are asking about someone else and did not explain that you are asking in order to help THEM, you may get a “NO” answer; this is one time when you can explain why you are asking, and repeat your check. It may also be the wrong time to ask the question!

Some people try and combine these, by presuming that getting a “YES” after asking ‘May I?’ implies that permission would only be granted if the ‘Can I?’ and ‘Should I?’ was also “YES”. This is logical, but your intuition is NOT logical! You MUST ask ALL the questions separately!

If you often get wrong answers after your ‘May I, Can I, Should I?’ check, it is probably due to badly worded questions, or your influence in wanting a particular answer. Make sure that your questions are clear and cannot be twisted (like the gas example), and then having asked the question say to yourself ‘I wonder what the answer will be .. I wonder what the answer will be .. I wonder what the answer will be .. ‘

It also helps if you do keep your mind on what you are doing. Asking about something you do not like (broccoli?) and then thinking of an ice cream will be sure to give you a wrong answer! It is good practice to always check the answers that you get by asking ‘Is the answer … YYYY … correct?’ – it may be wrong if the question was poorly worded or should not have been asked.

We have talked about your Spirit Guides looking after you. But most people have never met or spoken to a Spirit Guide, and some do not believe that they exist. Why not ask about them, using your Pendulum?

Say ‘I wish to make contact with my Spirit Guide, so that I can seek advice in living a better life’, and ask ‘May I ask about my Spirit Guide?’ then ‘Can I … ‘ and ‘Should I …?’; presuming that the answers are “YES”, ask ‘Do I have a Spirit Guide looking after my best interests?’, and check by ‘Is the answer that I do have a Spirit Guide correct?’

It would be wonderful if we could always rely on getting help from our Spirit Guides when needed. Perhaps we could ask for assistance when Dowsing! So try – ‘Will my Spirit Guides assist me to get the truth when I use my Pendulum for the Highest Purpose?’

Some people use the phrase ‘Highest and Best Good’ instead – the intent is to take the best possible action in the circumstances of the situation encountered.

Remember how to ask a question; although it may seem silly to ask permission for very simple questions, do it to build a routine to use when asking more complicated questions – ‘get into the habit’.

‘May I ask if my eyes are brown?’ then ‘Are my eyes brown?’, and afterward check by ‘Is the answer that my eyes are brown correct?’

OK, it is time to exercise your Pendulum; try these questions:

  • Are my eyes brown?
  • Did I eat an egg for breakfast today? Ditto cereal?
  • Do I like spinach? Ice Cream? Broccoli?
  • Will I be rich? Poor?

Did you remember to ask permission for practice questions? Did you ask the ‘May I? Can I? Should I?’ questions?  – and did you check the answers?

If yes to both rich and poor, remember you could be poor at one time and rich in another. Are you poor in spirit and rich in wealth? Try asking about wealth, and about spirit!

If you try to influence your Pendulum it could give you the answer that you want – and one that may not be true! Try and keep an open and inquiring mind, and always check the answer.

You do not have to speak aloud when you ask The System a question – it is quite OK to ‘think’ the question to yourself. And that way, nobody else knows the question that you are asking!

If your Pendulum makes a small circle (or a small swing) or does this slowly it is indicating that there is some doubt, or the question may be poorly worded. A very large circle (with speed) says “without any doubt”; usually you get a middle sized circle, meaning that the answer is based on present data which may change in the future.

Remember that the size and speed are relative to the normal size and speed of a circle made with that same length of the string.

Another time when you may get a small circle is when your solution to a problem is workable, but not the best solution – so keep refining your solution and you will get a bigger circle the closer that you come to the best solution.

Although The System is able to answer all your questions, you must not rely on it for every minor matter in your daily life! You must learn to make your own decisions, but it is OK to ask for training purposes, and if the matter is important. And even then, it is best to make a decision and then ask ‘Did I make the correct decision?’. If the answer is “NO” then use your Pendulum to find out how you can improve your decision.

About The Message Chart

To some people, the message chart is very similar to an OUIJA board. There have been serious warnings made against using these boards – and those warnings are true. So what is the difference?

In most cases, the OUIJA board is used by a number of people as a game, without any protection. Because a number of people use it, it is easy for an unwanted spirit to join in and have fun – at your expense!

First, something that attracts you is offered, and then you are trapped – you start to use the OUIJA board by yourself, you do everything that you are told (believing that good is intended) and find yourself in serious trouble.

The pledge that you made at the start, and the understanding that you made on the use of your Pendulum, will help to stop the entry of unwanted spirits.

Conversations With Spirit Guide

It is always most important to build on a good foundation. We will start with your Spirit Guide, who is your link to the Spiritual Worlds.

Say (aloud, or to yourself) ‘Spirit Guide, “What is your name?” and hold your Pendulum over the “Start Here” circle on the message chart.

Your Pendulum should make a small “YES” circle, and then point along one of the lines which lead to the letters; follow along with the line, until you come to the “flower” at the end which has 3 “petals”, and see which petal your Pendulum indicates. Write down the letter, and ask ‘Is this letter correct?’.

Now you understand why it was suggested that you use your non-writing hand to hold your Pendulum – so you can write the messages as you receive them!

If the letter was not correct, ask for it to be repeated – and continue until you do get the correct letter. Then ask for the next letter.

Remember that the name that you get may not be like the names used in your environment today.

Remember to check – ask ‘Is XXX your correct name?’. Then ask ‘Do you love the Holy Spirit? ’ followed by ‘ Are you from the Light?’ – and if either of these gets a “NO” then you have not got a Spirit Guide.

If you have a negative spirit pretending to be your Spirit Guide, just ask for help – say aloud ‘Would my Spirit Guides take this negative spirit into the Light, please’ and that spirit will not bother you again. Then ask once more for the correct name.

Always check that spirits are from the Light and that they Love the Holy Spirit. They cannot lie about this, and by refusing access to them you can avoid a lot of trouble. It is very quick check, and good spirits like to be asked.

When you have the correct name, say ‘I Love You, XXX, and I thank you’. Saying ‘I Love You’ is the accepted greeting between spirits (and humans) who love the Holy Spirit and are in the Light.

The next stage is to ask your Spirit Guide for assistance. So say ‘XXX, I Love You; will you please always guide me onto the Highest and Best Path through my life?’, ‘Will you please always help me to get true answers when Dowsing for good?’, ‘Will you please always guard against negative or evil entities sending me messages?’, and after getting these promises, end by saying ‘XXX, I Love You, and I thank you’.

It will not hurt at this stage to say ‘Spirit Guide, I Love You, and I thank you for helping me’.

All this, of course, should be done in a state of serious attitude. It means being really sincere and honest, concentrating on what you are saying and thinking – and thinking only good thoughts. It is especially powerful if you ask for good to happen, or help to be given, to somebody else, not yourself!

Understanding The Symbols

One of the best ways to start is to go through every character on the chart so that both you and The System know where to find characters and understand the meaning of each character.

Of particular importance are the special characters, so ask your Pendulum to point to each in turn and then read aloud the note given to explain its function; then ask The System if the meaning is fully understood, and give examples of when it is to be used.

If the “?” is shown, this means that the question is not properly constructed. It may have two meanings or require two answers. Asking ‘Can you tell me the time?’ is two questions – can your guide tell you, and what is the actual time. And what time do you mean? You should try to make the question clear.

A sand timer indicates that it is not the right time to ask the question – and implies that the question may be asked at another time. This may be because something is presently happening which changes the answer, or that it will take the time to get the right answer for you.

The “PROHIBITED” sign means that you are trying to enter forbidden territory – such as asking about your death, about the future, or about some other person’s business.

It is also used if you ask about matters that are beyond your understanding – given your present state of knowledge. You may ask why the sign is shown, and the answer may help you to increase your level of understanding so that you are allowed to ask the question in the future.

The large open cross represents a “Big Kiss”, and indicates the phrase ‘I Love You’ which is an important part of each message.

The symbol “( )” of empty brackets indicates a space between words. The hand signals “Stop!” to let you know that the last character was not interpreted correctly.

The point in a circle is either a decimal point or punctuation, depending on the context. If it is repeated, the message has ended.

The remaining special symbols refer to the types of problems which cause illness. These will be covered in detail later, so just run through the meaning and location of each symbol.

The double arrows instruct you to use the other scale – if an address is being given, a part will be numeric and part the name of the street and town. The positive numbers will normally be used.

However, if you want to know relative numbers, such as how well your health or ability compares to that of the ordinary, average person, then you can ask on a scale between plus nine and minus nine – and use the scale 9 to -9 to get the answer.

You could also ask for a percentage, of course, with 50% being average, and get an answer using the numeric characters 0 to 9.

But a word of caution – do not ask for the future prices of a stock, the value of a currency, the winning numbers of a lottery, or any other information which would give you an unfair advantage unless you need the money for a very good purpose such as helping others – and in such a case, get permission first!

Overcoming Some Problems

The usual format for a message is The name of the sender (which is supplied for you), ’I Love You’, and then the message. ‘I Love You,’ may also be used as a sign-off signal.

The most common problem is when you have received part of a message which makes sense, and then you get garbled nonsense. This is because there is interference (which should not happen often), the sender did not complete the message, or that you have misinterpreted the message.

When the message is not correct you should have been given a “Stop!” signal to let you know – but sometimes this does not happen, so you get garbled gobbledygook instead! If so, go back to the end of the part that made sense, read it out, and ask if that part is correct. If not, go back to an earlier part until you do get a correct part, and then have the rest of the message repeated.

If the message does not make sense as a whole or seems to be telling you to do something that you believe to be wrong, ask ‘Do you Love the Holy Spirit?’ and ‘Are you in the Light?’ to check that another entity has not interrupted your conversation. Your Spirit Guide should have prevented this, but it can happen.

If the message is correct and something still seems wrong, then ask your Spirit Guide to confirm the message by spelling it to you again, and then ask if the message is correct and if your understanding of the message is correct. If your Spirit Guide confirms the message, then have faith that it is correct.

An example of this would be telling you about reincarnation if your religion did not support the idea. It may seem wrong to you, but it is true and was a belief of the early Christian church – until a meeting in Rome decided that the church would not allow the general public to have this belief. Perhaps they were afraid that the authority of the Church would be diminished!

Important Questions

Souls come into this life as humans to learn lessons and undertake missions. But most humans do not know which lessons of life they have come here to learn, or how they can help by completing their mission. You are now in a very special group of humans – you can ask!

When you ask about your lessons or missions, remember that as you complete one lesson you may have the opportunity to learn another.

In the same way, when you complete one mission you may be given another. Also, the missions may change due to circumstances beyond your control – some other human may have done the job you were intended to do!

It is important to keep checking on your lessons and your missions so that you always get guidance on what to do. And if you always act to the best of your ability you will find that things go well for you, since you are on the right path.

Improving Your Skills

When you start to use your message chart you probably have a long length of string to your Pendulum – which slows it but gives accuracy. As you improve, you will find that a shorter length – and perhaps a smaller weight – increase your speed.

You may well find that you start to recognize patterns of conversation, and may assume that a pattern is always used; you may also recognize words due to the context in which they are used. But always check!

Sometimes you will find that the next letter or word does not come – and this is intentional, as a signal to you that you have made a mistake interpreting the message. Each letter is given to you, but your hand may ‘stick’ if you have made an error.

Be very careful with words such as no, not, and now – they can reverse the meaning of the whole message! So always say ‘Is my understanding that … blah blah blah … correct?’ to check that you have not only the correct words but understand their meaning.

As you gain more skill, you may find that you receive the messages without the message chart. But the message chart helps you with two things – it concentrates your mind on the message and enables you to check difficult words – especially in spelling names.

It’s A Two-Way Street

Not only can you get messages in reply to yours, but messages can be sent to you! So how do you know that there is a message for you? You can ask, and a signal can also be sent. This is something that you must agree with The System.

You may decide that only very special messages will cause a signal, and all others must wait for you to check for them.

Often a signal that there is a message will be a funny wave on the side of your head, but this may not suit you so you can arrange for the signal to be a feeling in your finger or a tingle in your toe. It is up to you to decide, but a tingle in your toe may well be better than having an accident while driving because your head suddenly ached!

If you get a message signal while driving, while at a business meeting, or while you are otherwise preoccupied, just tell The System that you have received the signal and will deal with it as soon as possible. Remember you do not have to say this aloud, you can just send it as a thought.

So suppose you want to ask about a friend who does not know how to send or receive messages – can you communicate? Yes, but not with the friend directly; you ask your Spirit Guide to connect you to the mind (or Soul) of your friend, stating the reason for the connection.

If the Spirit Guide of your friend approves, then you may be connected – in this way you can check if your friend is in trouble, what sort of help is needed, and how you can assist.

If the conscious mind of your friend can also send and receive messages, can you exchange messages with your friend? Yes! It is just like email on the internet. You send a message. When your friend next checks for messages yours will be received. Your friend can send you an answer, which you receive when next you check for your messages.

The usual format for a message is The name of the sender (which is supplied for you), ’I Love You’, and then the message. But be careful to check that the message does come from your friend – and not an evil spirit. If you are suspicious, ask your Spirit Guide to check that it is actually your friend.

Remember, however, that these messages are being sent with the help of your Spirit Guide. Do not send frivolous messages or time wasters. If you do, then your Spirit Guide may withdraw your privileges, and you may miss some really important messages!

If you feel that ‘I Love You’ is not appropriate to the message that you are sending, then the message should not be sent. It is as simple as that!

Making Your Home Safe

This is so very simple that it is amazing that so few people know how to do it – or even that it needs to be done! All you have to do to clear a house or office is to ask your Spirit Guide to get it cleared; he can get help from other specialist guides if needed.

Walter Woods, the President of the American Society of Dowsers, has identified this use of Dowsing as one which can give the most immediate benefit to new Dowsers.

Just say ‘Spirit Guide, I Love You; I will that all entities and thought forms that are detrimental to the inhabitants and occupants of this house (or office) now be removed and sent into the Light with Love’.<

The terms ‘I will … something happens … and when’ are a clue to the power of thought. The weakest is a stray thought. A deliberate thought is stronger, and a decision such as ‘let .. something happen’ is very strong. The strongest of all is ‘I will that …’, in the sense of using your willpower to give a command. If your Spirit Guide approves, he will make it happen.

Then check by asking your Spirit Guide if this has been done, and if so, thank your Spirit Guide for the help given. Occasionally it will not be done, and in such a case there will be a very good reason why not; you can ask your Spirit Guide for this reason (and what must be done to allow clearing of the house) using your message chart.

And another secret – you do not even have to be in the house to do this! Just give your Spirit Guide the address or the name of the occupants that you want to help, and your Spirit Guide will do the rest.

Why is this not done anyway, without you asking? Because guides are instructed not to interfere; people are expected to do their ‘own thing’, to learn their lessons with the minimum help. But Spirit Guides love to be asked to help, since that gives them the ‘excuse’ to interfere, to make things better!

The next task is to deal with any earth energies. Many people sleep, or sit for long periods such as at work, in places that have energy fields that are not good for them. The result is often cancer or a tumor.

The negative earth energies are mainly caused by the ‘Hartman’ and ‘Curry’ energies which run in grids encircling the globe in many directions; water running below the house and electrical disturbances from transformers (and the circuits in a house) can cause similar problems.

Trouble can be expected especially where these energies cross. Some can be neutralized or moved by very experienced Dowsers, but it is not wise to try unless you are very skilled.

The easiest way is to ask your Spirit Guide to locate these dangerous places, and then avoid them by moving beds and favorite chairs so that they are out of the way of these earth energies.

To do this, go to each chair and bed and ask ‘Is this a safe place for a human to sit? .. to sleep?’ and if the answer is “NO” then go to an alternative position and ask the same question until you get a “YES”. Be sure that the whole of the new bed position is safe! If you still have problems, get the help of an experienced Dowser.

Tell the people that the bed or chair is in a bad position and could cause cancer or other diseases, and advise them to move it to the safe location that you have found with the help of your Spirit Guide.

Now ask your Spirit Guide to request that the house is enclosed in the Energy of Love and Light to protect the house and its occupants forever. Check that this happens, and give your thanks and Love for the help given by the guides. It is an excellent idea to ask the others to join you in this simple prayer of thanks!

Helping other people to make their home safe is really worthwhile – especially if you teach them to do it themselves.

Causes of Health Problems

There are four prime causes of health problems – physical reasons, such as having fallen down; emotions, like anger, fear, and jealousy; mental upsets, especially worrying about situations; and spiritual causes, for example doing something that you believe is wrong. Always use the term ‘health problems’ since it includes all sickness, disease, and other problems.

It is important to realize that a health problem may have more than one cause – an emotional problem may reduce your defense capabilities so that physical exposure enables the disease to take root.

Carolyn Maas has written a number of books on this aspect of health, seen as a ‘medical intuitive’. Her first book is perhaps the best one, dealing with a number of cases. She explains, for example, that people with anger often have heart problems or arthritis. But heart problems can also occur due to old age.

Her later books concentrate on another factor – the refusal of people to get well, for reasons such as enjoying the sympathy of others or the misused power that being an invalid gives to control the lives of others!

To help yourself (or others with the approval of your Spirit Guide) first ask ‘How many serious health problems do I have?’ and then get these spelled out using your message chart. For each one, ask if the cause is physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual – remembering that there could be more than one cause.

Now go through each type of cause of each health problem, asking that the detailed cause is explained – for example ‘Worry about who cares for me if my wife died’ or ‘Anger to my father who abused me’.

This routine takes time – but is worthwhile to do properly. You may be able to help reduce pain or put a disease into remission with the help of your Spirit Guide, but it may well return unless the cause is eradicated; this is the really hard part – especially dealing with anger.

Note that this discussion has nothing to do with medical support; your doctor may well be giving you the best treatment to cure a disease – here we are trying to eliminate the causes of disease that doctors cannot tackle.

Overcoming Anger

Perhaps the hardest anger to overcome is that which you harbor against a parent who abused you when you were a helpless infant in their care. Indeed, nothing can justify that sort of behavior. The resulting anger, however, can do far more damage to you than did the abuse – so you must learn to deal with it.

From your point of view, the case is quite clear – and you can never forgive and forget. So you must look at it from the other person’s point of view – by no means an easy task!

Perhaps the parent was abused by his father. If the abuse was physical, then he may have been brought up believing that such behavior was normal. In fact, you might be having just that same problem, and be restraining yourself because you do believe it to be wrong.

Perhaps your father did not have the same willpower to restrain himself or lacked the support coming from other members of your family that you enjoy.

It may even be that this was a lesson that both of you had decided to work out together to overcome the ‘Karma’ – perhaps in a previous life, you had abused him! There are many people who believe in this sort of karma – and they may be right.

What you are doing here is trying to find some excuse, however far-fetched and ridiculous, that explains your father’s actions and allows you to forgive him. That is all. You are in this for yourself, not him! It does not matter what you think to anyone else – only to yourself!

If you can do this, and genuinely say ‘Father, I forgive you’, then the memory of that abuse will cease to pester you, it will stop making you ill. It is past; it is finished; you can concentrate on what is happening in your life today – not events of long ago!

Another major problem of forgiveness is forgiving oneself. Perhaps you have been angry with a person for some series of events that happened years ago; you want to rid yourself of the troubles caused by anger, and this is one of the cases that come to mind.

You examine the events from your view, and it seems as if you were right. So look at them from the viewpoint of the other person; perhaps something that was said was completely misunderstood, and this error started all the negative behavior. You may have been at fault; and even if you are not sure where to put the blame, it is better to accept it than to have the problem continue!

So apologize to the other person. You do not even have to do it to their face – although it may help them if you do, and be more meaningful to you. But they may have moved away or died. So say the apology – and really mean it.

Now you can start the forgiveness. To forgive oneself is often completely overlooked! But it can be the key to clearing anger – and other emotions – from your system, so you can again become healthy.

You Are Being Controlled

When you were young you assimilated the life around you; the behavior patterns you observed helped you to fit into your family and society. But the family may not have been the best, society has changed, and the patterns may have been misformed anyway.

Negative situations occur in life which you may think you have overcome and forgiven, but perhaps have not.  When a similar situation comes up, your anger will reappear suddenly without you even knowing why.

We also hang onto behaviors we are taught as children. Perhaps your mother gave you a treat when she wanted you to do something for her that you didn’t like to do. Or she gave you candy to be quiet around the house or to calm you down when you were hurt or upset. When you are older, you will give yourself treats for the same reason, and because you handle the money and the goodies, you may overdo the treats and become very overweight, and you won’t realize that it was your childhood that trained you to do these things.

You can understand the strength of behavior patterns developed over a long time, for example in a family where the husband is usually drunk, beats a nagging wife, and abuses his children. They children grow up thinking that a real adult acts in the same way!

They may also think that it is OK to act, but not to talk about their way of life. It becomes hidden. You, when helping somebody who has this problem, may not be aware of it – and they will avoid telling you! So what can you do?

Your Spirit Guides can help with these situations. So ask them to help with these types of problems! Say ‘Spirit Guide, if there is any problem in my family life, please help to fix it, so that all in their family are helped’.

A lot of fat people would like to be slim. You can help them! But you must start by making sure that the reason for getting fat is really understood.

Females tend to get fat due to nature; they are ‘programmed’ to store energy as body fat so that they (and their babies) can survive a famine. This is a safeguard to ensure that the human race survives a natural disaster. This a ‘spiritual’ reason.

A different source of ‘getting fat’ is mental – feeling insignificant. This is feeling that you do not have your rightful place in society. So you, as a person, want to be more substantial, to ‘stand out’ more. And this is translated by your own body mechanisms to mean that you want to be fatter!

So use Dowsing and your message chart to discover what is causing the fatness, explain this reason to the person, and work out with them how to remove this cause. Then you can start to get the weight reduced.

Every day, preferably before each mealtime, the person should say ‘I want no more fat; let slimness be implemented’. Soon the person will be influenced to not take the extra snack and to use the energy stored as fat. This is an expensive process since new clothes will be needed!

Medication and Dosages

If you are going to buy herbal remedies or vitamin supplements, you can ask The System for assistance; ‘Do I need a remedy?’, ‘Please point to the shelf with the remedy that I need’, ‘Is the remedy on this shelf?’, and ‘Is this the remedy that I need?’ – or ask similar questions using your message chart.

And you can ask for the dosage to be taken, and how often to take it. After this, ask if there is another remedy that you should also take and if so, then repeat the procedure.

And you can help your medication to be more effective!

Apply or take your medication, hold your Pendulum over the place that needs healing (or as close as you can get) and imagines a golden light coming to you through your Pendulum. Say ‘This golden light will make my medication work better; it will heal me quickly’ – and it helps if you imagine the medication and healing light actually making all well!

You will probably see your Pendulum make big “YES” signals, and then stop when you have enough. It may even give you a “Big Kiss” at the end!

Pointing – More Directions

Now repeat the lesson on using your Pendulum to point directions – remember to ask permission to practice.

How is this skill useful? Well, if you cannot remember where you left your pen, glasses, or bicycle you just ask that your Pendulum point the direction! You can even ask the direction to your dog (or cat); try and find your dog this way – if he gets lost on another day using your Pendulum may help to find him.

‘Hide and seek’ will take on a new meaning with help through your Pendulum – for finding other people, or have someone hide something for you to find.

If you ask your Pendulum to be pointed to the west, you could be surprised when it pointed to a friend or neighbor – this could happen if the name of the person was Pat West! When seeking North, ask for magnetic north, or ‘the direction of north’.

If you are looking for a ring (lost in the grass) you can walk in the direction shown by your Pendulum, and ask that it to start making a “YES” circle when you are over the ring. As you approach the ring, your Pendulum will start to change from a straight ‘to & fro’ motion to an ellipse, and then to a circle, and then back to an ellipse when you have gone past the ring.

Get some pennies and ask your friend to hide then in the garden (or the beach, or even under a carpet); then use your Pendulum to find them. Ask that your Pendulum ‘point to the nearest penny’ until you find them all.

When your Pendulum indicates that you have found a penny, ask if there is more than one – in case your friend put a few together. You can get an exact count by asking about increasing numbers.

Another very important skill to learn is tracking. Ask your friend to walk around the neighborhood (or on paths in the woods if you live in the country) and remember the route taken. Then ask that your Pendulum shows the path taken. Or you could track animals in this same way – it is the same sense that trackers use!

A little hint – your friend may try to trick you by going to the same place twice! So always ask The System ‘Which direction did my friend take next?’ so that you trace the exact route. Then check with your friend to see how well you did.

Or you could play at hunting in the same way – get some bits of paper, write numbers on them, and get your friend to leave them (in order) on his route. Then hunt for these using your Pendulum.

And it gets even better! If you have a map, you can search for a lost dog, stolen bicycle, or a friend’s location. Just hold your Pendulum at one corner of the map, and ask that your Pendulum shows you the direction of your search object, and mark the direction on the map.

Then go to two more places on the map, and get 2 more directions. If you draw lines on the map, they will cross to make a triangle. If the triangle is large the answer may not be accurate.

This may be because the target (such as a car) may be moving, or perhaps your feelings for the search item may be too weak for you to get identification.

If you are searching for another person, you may not get a good answer if the person does not want to be found – so you may find it difficult to locate a thief.

Map pointing can be used to locate your next home. If you are using a map of the whole district, then the area that the triangle covers may be large. You can reduce the search area by choosing points on the map that is close to the triangle and getting new directions from those points.

Dowsing for Water

Other dowsing tools like the ‘L’ and ‘Y’ rods will indicate metal pipes, electric cables, and running water – without having to be told what to seek. Your Pendulum can be used to find these too.

As an exercise, go into your garden or the street, where you think there may be a water pipe (or electric cable) and ask that your Pendulum ‘Make a “YES” when I am above a water pipe’ – and see if you can trace where it runs.

If you just ask The System ‘Is water here?’ you will probably get “YES” since the most ground has some dampness in it! You have to ask your questions very carefully. If you are just looking for a drink, then ask ‘Where can I find surface water which is safe to drink?’

If you are looking for a place to sink a well, then you could ask that your Pendulum ‘Show me where I can find an all-year round continuous 50 gallons per minute supply of good drinking water within 100 feet of the surface’; but if you start walking to the next town you may have to revise your question.

You could say ‘Show me the best place to drill a well on my land to get good drinking water’, and then when you find the spot ask ‘Should the well be more than 30 feet deep?’, ’50 feet?’ until you find the depth to drill.

And you can then ask ‘Will I get a continuous all-year-round supply of more than 20 gallons per minute?’, ’50 GPM?’, until you get the correct flow.

But taking that flow may prevent the water going to another well used by someone else; this is bad practice – so you must always ask ‘How much water may I extract without harming the supply of any other person?’

You may also need help from an experienced Dowser who is able to divert bad water away from a well and get more good water to flow in.

Water – The Essence of Life

Perhaps the most useful Dowsing that you can do with water is to improve the quality of the water that you drink. A lesson from a very experienced Dowsing Instructor, Bill Askin, is to get a glass of water and sip it to get the taste.

Then hold your Pendulum over the glass, and ask ‘that everything in the water that is harmful to me in any way is removed’ – and when your Pendulum stops circling taste the water again – and it may have a different taste!

But wait – the experiment is not finished! Now ask ‘that all the sustenance and nutrients that you need for your Highest Purpose be added to the water’, wait until your Pendulum stops making a ‘virtual pyramid’ over the glass, and taste again!

You can verify that the ‘life essence’ of the water has improved by checking with your message chart. It seems that life and light are closely related and that the life essence (or radiance) can be measured in Angstrom units, a measurement of light.

Since you are interested in the change that occurred, you do not have to understand what an ‘Angstrom unit’ means; just ask “What is the radiance of this water ?” at the times that you taste it.

In ‘The Secret Life of Plants’ the radiance of a normal healthy person is quoted as being about 6,500 Angstroms; food which has a higher radiance is healthy for you, but if it has a value below yours then you may reduce your own radiance (your life force) by eating it.

The book suggests that if you eat meat, smoke, or drink alcohol then your radiance will be lower and that the lower your radiance the more likely that diseases will hurt you.

One way to improve the radiance of food is to pray that it be blessed before you eat it. Test this by asking for the radiance value before and after the food is blessed – and be ready for some surprises!


When you are exploring, remember to ask The System if you will be in danger before starting out! Next, you can ask that your Pendulum point to what you are seeking; it will swing to and fro, so check which direction to take. When seeking a small object, ask it to make a “YES” circle when found.

Do not be disappointed if your direction finding does not work well the first few times – if you practice with your Pendulum now, to improve your skills and build confidence in using your Pendulum, then you will be ready for when you really do have a need to search.

Your Pendulum could save your life! Suppose that are camping in a place that you do not know well and that you are exploring some woods. Suddenly you realize that you are lost!

Being a well-trained Dowser, you are carrying the most important part of your equipment – your Pendulum! So ask that it point the way back to the campsite. Remember that it swings backward AND forwards – one direction will take you to the camp, the other away from the camp. So if it swings left/right (or forwards/backward) ask if left (or forward) is the direction to take.

Now it may be that the direction was shown is the most direct, but not the safest (a ravine – or even a wild animal – could be in the way); so it would be better to ask that your Pendulum show you the ‘quickest safe way’ to the camp!

But what happens if you FORGOT to take your Pendulum? Well, you can make an emergency Pendulum to get you out of trouble. Take a piece of string, and tie it around a small stone, and use that as your Pendulum.

If you do not have a piece of string, use a length of vine or tear a length of bark from a small branch of a tree. Try not to use your shoelace, because if your shoe is loose then walking will be more difficult.

You use your Pendulum to find some water, but then wonder if it safe to drink. So ask via your Pendulum ‘Is it safe for me to drink this water?’.

If you ever get really lost for a long time, you may get very hungry. You can pick some leaves or pieces of grass, and ask via your Pendulum if they are safe for you to eat. This is for emergencies only, so do not go eating leaves unless you have a real need.

For example, nettles may sting you, but are good to eat; dandelions are very good, but you may not like their taste. You may be able to eat most snakes and bugs – so long as they do not eat you first!

More About Your Pendulum

You must be most careful, to be honest, and truthful using your Pendulum.

Pretend that you are a child who does not like broccoli; if you ask The System ‘Should I eat my broccoli?’ and it signals “YES”, and you then tell your mother ‘My Pendulum says I should NOT eat my broccoli’ then you are spoiling the training that you have done with your Pendulum.

You must ALWAYS be honest and truthful – especially about using your Pendulum. Even if your Pendulum indicated ‘Eat your broccoli’ you may choose not to eat it – that is your choice! But DO NOT blame the Pendulum if you ignore the advice given and run into trouble.

Remember that you do not have to speak when using your Pendulum, only to THINK the question. If someone asks ‘What did you ask your Pendulum?’ you can always tell them ‘sorry, but that is private’.

Making Decisions

Suppose that you want to go out, but are not sure whether you should go to the Red Wood Park, the baseball field, the skating rink, or the swimming pool. You can draw some lines on a piece of paper (like the ‘counting chart’) write the names in the spaces and ask your Pendulum to indicate the best place. To be really accurate, you should add ‘stay home’ and ‘somewhere else’.

You could put the names of friends instead of the names of places, or use colors to ask which one is best for a purpose. Or if you want to know which campsite you would like most this summer, write their names and ask!

Instead of using your Pendulum to point to choices drawn in a semi-circle, you can write a list and ask The System to show which is correct – or the best choice.

Write down all the things from which you want to choose, hold a pointer (a pencil will do) in your ‘normal’ hand and point to each item in the list, asking The System ‘Is this the best choice?’.

This can be used for many purposes, such as which subjects should you study, what books to read, or where to go to eat or for a holiday.

And you can ask what color clothes you should wear; each color has its frequency of vibration, as do emotions, feelings, and the chakras which many leading thinkers believe help to guide our personal life. But ask with a purpose in mind. The color to wear to become successful may not be the same as the color chosen if you want to relax!

Another major decision would be choosing a place to live. Map Dowsing can locate the neighborhood, but there are a lot of crucial questions which should also be addressed. ‘Will this house be conducive to a happy family ?’ If you just ask ‘Will this house suit me?’ you may get “YES” while the answer for your partner or dependants would be “NO”.

You can also ask ‘Are any major repairs needed soon?’ ‘Are there problems with the foundations?’ ‘.. the roof?’ ‘.. the insulation?’ ‘.. the heating system?’, .. ‘the fire warning or prevention system?’, ‘Is a zoning change likely to happen in the next 10 years?’, ‘What is the lowest price that we can negotiate to buy this house?’.

In Europe, it is now usual to ask if there are any earth energies which would adversely affect the occupants – zones where high incidents of cancer occur have been identified by skilled Dowsers. And sometimes very skilled Dowsers can move these energies to make a place safe – or identify areas dangerous to sleep.

Helping People In Need

Have you heard a little voice or felt a feeling deep inside you – that tries to help you? Perhaps you wish it would help you more often! That little voice or feeling comes from the intuitive part of your mind.

Perhaps it is your Spirit Guide trying to help you, or your friends! You have a sudden thought that you should do something, or go somewhere, or see (or telephone) somebody. And you have been surprised when doing just that solved another problem.

If you get an urge to go to the river, it may be because somebody needs your help. But you do not just rush off to the river! As a trained Dowser you ask The System if you should go and if it is safe for you to go. If so, then you leave a message saying where you have gone in case you get into difficulties, or so people can find you if another emergency needs your help.

One very important thing – do not boast about your skills! Just use them quietly and carefully. As an example, if a friend has lost something, you may not be able to find it for them, since it is not ‘your’ thing. But you can try – and when you find it, you can say that your Dowsing system did well.

Personal Help

You can check using your Pendulum if a particular food is good for you to eat.

Perhaps you feel ill at odd times, and wonder if you have an allergy. Ask The System ‘Do I have any allergies?’, and if the answer is “YES” then you can write down all the things which you think may affect you, hold a pointer (a pencil will do) in your normal hand and point to each item in the list in turn, asking ‘Am I allergic to this?’. Then avoid that item and see if you feel better.

You can always ask how you will get on with a person. ‘Can I trust Pat?’, ‘Is Pat telling me the truth?’, ‘Will Pat be a good friend to me?’ and ‘Has Pat taken my pencil?’ are all excellent questions to ask The System.

Other People

But it is wrong to ask these same questions when they concern Pat and some other person – you should only ask if YOU are involved.

And asking about someone else, such as ‘Has Pat any allergies?’ is wrong unless Pat has given permission for the question to be asked. This is like poking your nose into another person’s diary!

Asking ‘Is my girl/boyfriend interested in some other person?’ will always tell you “YES” – but the sort of interest may not be what you meant! The ‘some other person’ may be you, the interest may be for business reasons, or because they are relatives – or they may be a fan of a film star. We are all interested in many other people.

Chakra’s and Spinal System

There are schools of thought which believe that all living bodies have auras which control a chakra system connected to pathways along the spine which mold our actions and our bodies; this is the basis of acupuncture. Each chakra (or disc) is associated with specific colors and sounds.

The chakras may be considered to be a sort of transceiver, transmitting and receiving not radio signals, but a higher level system of communication which is yet to be discovered scientifically. These chakras may not be fully open to some people.

Perhaps you could have a happier life, and find that things ‘go your way’ if your chakras are operating correctly! First of all, ask via your Pendulum ‘Does my body have a chakra system?’ and if “YES” then ask ‘Is my chakra system important to me?’, ‘Are all my chakras operating correctly?’, and ‘Should I learn more about my chakra system?’.

There are many books on chakras and their associated physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual characteristics – all concerned with your health. If your chakra system is important to you, it may be worthwhile to get some books from the library that help you to understand chakras, learning their location and associated colors and sounds, so that you can improve their efficiency.

If you decide that you want to check your chakras, you can ask for each one ‘On a scale from 1 to 9, how important to me is this chakra at the present time?’ (and use the Counting Chart to find out), ‘.. 1 to 9 .. what is the efficiency of this chakra?’, ‘What color is associated with this chakra ?’, ‘Do I have any problems related to this chakra?’ then take the first thought that comes that could indicate a problem and then ask ‘Is XXX the problem that I have to correct?’ – or find out using your message chart.

Then you must think of ways that could overcome or correct the problems and check to see if you have found the right basic intentions, such as forgiving, apologizing, leaving a bad relationship, or changing your job.

When we talked about earth energies, we said that they ran in grids around the earth, and mentioned a couple of energy grids that could be harmful. But there are many other grids – and some real surprises.

Mike Doney, one of the best Dowsers in the world, has found that there are grids for things like sadness, joy, sorrow, happiness, hate, and love. Note that sadness is spiritual, while unhappiness is emotional – they are not the same!

It seems as if our auric systems tune our chakra’s into these grids – so that we choose (via our system) whether we want to laugh or cry!

More Counting

Typical questions are ‘On a scale from 1 to 9, how fresh are these tomatoes ?’, ‘.. how suitable is this suit for me?’, ‘.. how allergic am I to eating peanuts?’.

For depths of water, minerals, etc., you can ask first in terms of ‘How many thousands of feet?’, with an answer between 2 and 3 .. ‘How many hundreds of feet over two thousand?’, and if you get a swing between 5 and 6 .. ‘How many tens of feet over 2,500 feet?’, and narrow the search down.

You can get practice asking ‘How many minutes will I have to wait for the next bus to come?’ – remember that it may not be the bus that you need so you can ask ‘.. for the next #10 bus..’; ‘How many miles to the next gas station on this road?’; and you can check these answers!

Another way of counting, useful especially if you do not have your Counting Chart with you, is to make a guess and then split differences: ‘Is the depth greater than 1,000 feet?’ (“YES”) ‘Is the depth greater than 2,000 feet ?’ (“NO”) ‘.. greater than 1,500 feet?’ and keep narrowing this down by halves. The depth may be exactly 2,000 feet down – so remember to check!

You can also ask that your Pendulum makes a number of circles to give a count, but you must arrange the code beforehand – are the first and last (small ?) circles part of the count? Try sample counts to see what works for you.

Pets and Plants

You can use your Pendulum to see if your pet is sick and ask questions to find out what is wrong and how to cure your pet. You can do this to plants as well, asking ‘Does it need more water?’, or ask which fertilizer and how much.

Most of us are very surprised when we learn that we can tell what animals and plants need. But it is even more amazing when we realize that they can tell what we are thinking!

Some years ago there was a lie detector specialist called Cleve Backster who became interested in plants. He decided to test how long it took for water in a plant pot to reach the top leaf in a plant which was dry, so he attached a lie detector to the top leaf.

Backster was amazed to see that the lie detector indicated happiness as soon as it was attached, even though no water had been added. He then wondered if the plant would give an unhappy signal if he set the leaf on fire – and was astounded that the plant gave that unhappy signal as soon as he had the thought! This experiment has been well publicized both in books and on television.

Try cutting a leaf in two, getting a friend to hide half, and then Dowsing for it – holding the other half in your hand. You will find that the two halves seek each other!

Experiment with your message chart to exchange messages with your pets. You can have a wonderful time ‘talking’ to your dog!

And you might be able to get your plants to grow better – and grow prize vegetables in your garden!

Dowsing Applications

In France, Germany, Russia, and other countries in Europe, Dowsing is accepted by governments – and some government departments have Dowsing sections. North America is far behind – mainly due to a lot of vested interests. But it is used ‘on the quiet’ by many large organizations.

Healers use a Pendulum to find causes for illness in their patients; engineers locate errors on drawings; computer experts find errors in computer code; gold and oil deposits are found; buried treasure and ancient artifacts are located; water, electric, and telephone utilities use Dowsing to find their lines. Dowsing has been used in many places to increase food crops – by helping plants grow, keeping bugs away, and even putting a protective field around them to prevent diseases. There are many other uses of Dowsing that are not covered here.

Dowsing goes under many names; for centuries the Chinese have used it not only to find water and minerals but to decide how to place and make a harmonious home (called Feng Shui). In Europe, it is used to choose sites which will be free of cancer causing rays and to find what causes high incidences of road accidents – and then eliminate these causes!

Learning to Dowse is like learning to read. Once you have started, you can apply it to many fields. The list is endless. And you can do a lot of good by letting others see you use your Dowsing skills in public.

People complain that Dowsing is not accepted by businessmen, politicians, medical practitioners, and the general public. Yet there are many who ‘use their Pendulum’ in private – this is especially true of ladies. By letting others see that you Dowse you are encouraging them to be Dowsers – and to Dowse in public themselves. That way Dowsing will become accepted! It is up to you!

Just think how much better the world would be if politicians ‘did the right thing’, if alternative medicine and spiritual healing reduced illness, if the justice system were fair to all, and if children were not abused.

This will happen. It will happen sooner if you help – by Dowsing in public to help get Dowsing accepted as a true ‘gift from God’, for us all to get help from our Spirit Guide.

You may encounter resistance and negativity from some church authorities, with their set rituals and closed minds. By contacting your Spirit Guide directly you are bypassing them – and they are afraid to lose their authority and control over you. Some priests are there for power and prestige. Treasure clergymen who know they are there to help people reach the Holy Spirit!

When you have gained some experience as a Dowser, and have gained confidence in your ability to Dowse, then ask The System about any of the statements in this booklet that you find surprising – check that all this is true!

Some Simple Guidelines

  1. Be sure that the wording of your question is clear and not ambiguous.
  2. Think only of your question – get other thoughts out of the way.
  3. Remember to define what you are questing, why you are asking, May I?, Can I?, Should I? – and to check ‘Is my understanding ….. correct?’.
  4. Ask permission to practice – and do not misuse the answers.
  5. If you think that you may be influencing questions that concern yourself, get somebody else to Dowse for you.
  6. Respect the privacy of others – ask if you can help them before interfering.
  7. Tiredness, stress, noise, and interruptions may lead to unreliable answers.
  8. Dowsing to help others gets the best result – and gives you more satisfaction.
  9. Never boast – be humble, and give credit to the Spirit Guides who helped you.
  10. In all your life, only have good thoughts – always wish well for others. What you wish for others comes home – to you!
  11. If ‘I Love You’ seems inappropriate in a message that you are sending, then do not send the message!

Societies and Computer Users

When you join a Dowsing Society you get to meet other people who are Dowsers – and you can help each other to improve your skills and to overcome any problems that you may have.

The societies publish quarterly journals, packed with Dowsing news from all over the world, with stories of new discoveries as well as the latest methods people have developed to meet various tasks.

And Dowsing is used in so many different fields – finding water, discovering minerals, locating missing people and stolen goods, avoiding noxious rays, deciding which vitamin supplements to use, checking if food is fresh (and nutritious for you), helping people to heal with colours (and deciding which colours a person needs), and lots more – even the health of plants, improving their growth, and protecting them from disease and attack by insects.

There are many Dowsing sites to be found on the Internet – the best way to access them is through one of the national Dowsing societies. These societies have links between each other, and as well as giving you their own information they supply links to many other sites of interest to Dowsers.

And these societies will always help you to form a Dowsing chapter/group / club in your town/university / school – just ask! You can even get speakers (experienced Dowsers) to assist your members.

American Society of Dowsers
PO Box 24, Danville, Vermont, 05828, USA
Tel: (802) 684-3417
British Society of Dowsers
Sycamore Barn, Hastingleigh, Ashford, Kent TN25 5HW
Tel: (01233) 750253
Dowsers * Questers / Canada
Dowsers: c/o Dorothy Donovan, RR #2, Sharbot Lake, Ontario, Canada K0H 2P0,
Vox (613)279-3996, Fax (613)828-1730
Questers: PO Box 4873, Vancouver, B.C., Canada, V6B 4A6,
Vox & Fax: (604)985-0347

You can also use a search engine to find books and more sites – use keywords “Dowsing, Divining, Pendulum” and “Backster”.

There is even a ‘Digital Dowsers’ group, started by ASD members, which has an email list which you can join for free. And it has a good international following. To join, just send an email message to ‘‘ with


in the body of the message; the subject header should be blank.

Library Resources

The best way is to borrow the books through your local library system, and then buy those that you wish to keep for future reference; you may find that the ASD bookshop (access from ASD web page, or write the ASD for catalogue) can offer the best prices – as well as offering many items not quoted here.

‘A Letter to Robin’, by Walter Woods, from ASD Bookshop
A classical introduction, compiled with the help of many Dowsers
Dowsing for Beginners, by Richard Webster, from Llewellyn Publications
Excellent book on all Dowsing tools; including your body. History, government use.
Dowsing for Beginners, by Naomi Ozaniec, from Headway / Hodder & Stoughton
An excellent easy to read book, data on healing, other Dowsing tools.
Elements of Pendulum Dowsing, by Tom Graves, from Element Publishers.
Excellent easy to read and funny book, covers games, Map Dowsing, and much more, even covers finding bugs in computer programs!
Pendulum Power, by Neilsen & Polansky, from Destiny Books
General, covers maps, plants, healing
The Divining Hand, by Chris Bird, from ASD Bookshop
Exciting, documented stories; history around the world, theories on how Dowsing works
The Secret Life of Plants, by Tompkins & Bird, from Avon
Covers Backster effect and much more!
The Pendulum Kit, by Sig Lonegren, from Fireside / Simon & Schuster
Historical uses with astrology, Map Dowsing, and healing.
Spiritual Dowsing, by Sig Lonegren, from Gothic Image / Great Tradition
Levels of Dowsing, ‘Earth Energies’, and some healing.
Anatomy of the Spirit, by Carolyn Myss, from Natural Wellness
Carolyn is a medical intuitive, working with enlightened medical doctors to identify personal problems behind the illnesses of their patients. An excellent book on the chakra system and how it relates to emotional, personal, and medical problems
Visualization for Change, by Patrick Fanning, from New Harbinger Pubs
Easily the best book on improving your visualization skills – invaluable even if you do not Dowse!


As measured on the ‘Mind Mirror’ by Edith M. Jurka, M.D., Diplomate of the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology. Abstracted from ‘The American Dowser’, Volume 23, No.1 – February 1983 by Barbara Prisbe, a past Director of CSQ, and Editor of ‘The American Dowser’.

The ‘Mind Mirror’ is an instrument designed in London by Dr C. Maxwell Cade, F.I.E.E., F.I.Physics, F.I Bio., F.R.So.Health, F.R.So.Medicine awarded the Oliver Lodge Research Grant of the College of Psychic Studies, and Geoffrey Blundell, electronics expert, and designer.

It consists of two electroencephalographs which record both sides of the brain instantaneously. The brain frequency analysis consists of 14 different frequency ranges from 0.075 Hz to 38 Hz.

Five original patterns were established. When checking Dowsers it was found that a sixth and different pattern emerged… see diagrams below; which show the left and right brain wave patterns for various states in normal people, and those observed in meditative people and inexperienced Dowsers.


Concerning the very high delta amplitude in all the Dowsers, Dr. Cade said it correlates with higher levels of consciousness and a reaching out to the unknown. Certainly, this is the essence of what a Dowser does – reach out for information not available to the 5 ordinary senses.

A confirmation of this interpretation is that the delta frequencies are absent in the 5th State pattern of yogis, whose practice does not include a search. The increased beta amplitude which the yogis also do not have could come from both sides of the Dowser’s brain concentrating hard on the object of the search.

My impression of the varying amplitudes of theta in the different Dowsers is that they reflect in some way a degree of “spirituality,” for want of a better word. It may be that this tends to increase in such a person as he or she lives longer.



History has been most unkind to these souls who try to help and heal. They flow with the energy of the earth and draw from it great energy and power. They have been called Pagan and Wiccan. To be a witch is to blend with nature and use that power and energy to benefit and heal those who seek their help. Often the power comes as a surprise to those who have the gift. Many feel that they are different and seek help. The energy is unusual and unless one is able to understand and balance it, often the individual can spiral out of control. The intent of the power is healing, and the spirit of the individual who has the power must be pure. If not … good cannot be accomplished and often there is created a knot in the universe that must be undone in a lifetime yet to come. Their power is of nature, they are able to tap into the primal energies of the universe and channel that energy. Because the energy flows through them it draws upon the intent and direction of the witch. Great good can be done by those who are pure of heart. On the other hand, those who are unschooled or not ready can create confusion and upset. It should be noted that the only permanent impact that witches have is upon their own lifetime.

Las-Vegas-Child-Photographer-LJHolloway-Photography-Children0071Often their outward physical appearance is a direct reflection of the direction they are using their power. There are black and white witches but those are only labels put on them by humanity. All of them have good at the very core; all of them have been gifted because of service rendered in lifetimes past. It is the choice of this lifetime that determines how they use their power and energy. How they reflect the brightness of the light within. They can do no harm to others, they are only able to do good, but that is sometimes misinterpreted. Creative minds have made them more than they ever were, or ever could be. They came in as healers with the gift to tap into the earth and cosmic energy … to serve mankind and to help to heal to take place. When they have been misunderstood they often have lashed out but only in natural ways. They cannot harm, but they can cause discomfort when pushed. These are good souls who will usually stay on the fringes, in the shadows – for their soul memories remember that they have not been well received in lifetimes past. They do not usually draw attention to themselves but rather share with a very safe, select few for this lifetime. To be a witch is to be one with nature and to be able to use that energy for the benefit of those willing to trust nature and the power it carries.

Scorpio New Moon is Packed with Scorpio Power!

What is Scorpio Power exactly?  Scorpio is the sign that represents the nature of Power itself.  Ruled traditionally by Mars, the god of war, and in the modern scheme by Pluto, the god of death and regeneration, Scorpio has some very intense allies.  Under Scorpio’s influence, we must find the courage to face our demons from Mars, and the wisdom to face our deepest Truth from Pluto.  We must learn how to exert force to make things happen (Mars), and when to surrender to events beyond our control, our Fate if you will (Pluto).

Scorpio is all about depth, intensity, the gritty Realness of life and it’s not always pretty.

This month’s Scorpio New Moon on November 18th is particularly intense not only because four planets including the Sun and Moon are in Scorpio, but also because both of the Scorpio rulers, Mars and Pluto, are locked in an intense square aspect that can signify conflict, power issues, anger and rage.  But when Mars (the individual Will) and Pluto (the Will of the higher self) are managed consciously, this planetary combination is a supremely beneficial ally for manifesting intention and creating real magic in our lives.  In order to utilize Mars and Pluto consciously, we must be prepared to release any ideas we may have of what we think we want and need (Mars issues) and seek the guidance of the inner voice of the higher self (Pluto).  We must be ready to accept what we cannot change (our Fate = Pluto) and change what we are able to (our desires = Mars).

This intensity is softened by a lovely harmonious trine from Chiron (wounding and healing) to the New Moon which will help us to release old feelings of self-doubt and abandonment as we move forward into a newly empowered future.  The two benefits Venus and Jupiter are still in tandem in Scorpio, showering blessings of good fortune as long as we stay mindful of our own Truth and don’t become mired in illusion.

Scorpio is all about emotion – deep, dark, intense emotion.  But in this New Moon, an awkward (quincunx) aspect from Uranus to the lunation will keep us from getting too comfortable as we are pushed to create change where change is needed.  Uranus is connected with Higher Mind and is aligned with Pallas, the asteroid which signifies creative intelligence and innate wisdom –  the key to finding true integration in this Scorpio New Moon is to stay centered in your own Divine Wisdom as you allow the emotionality and feelings of the Scorpio Moon to awaken all of the lost and missing pieces of Soul that are ready to emerge.

This New Moon offers a powerful opportunity for real magic in your life.  New Moons wipe the slate clean and offer an opportunity to begin anew, so taking a few moments to create an intention for this New Moon will go a long way.


Tonight is the Full Moon in Taurus for the West Coast (10:22 pm PST) and early tomorrow morning for the Central & East Coast (1:22 am EST). Taurus is a strong and supportive sign ~ bringing in the earthy, comforting side of life. As Chani Nichols shares, the Moon loves to be in Taurus and is said to be exalted here. This is our time of darkness, inner journeys, and finding the comfort in the arms of mother earth. I find a likeness of Mother Earth to a vessel, a cauldron. She is open to holding and recycling our fears and joys and transforms them so that our life experiences can be blended and transmuted into a meaningful whole. She calls us to change as she does all things in nature.

Taurus is a feminine, fixed, earth sign, ruled by Venus. A Taurus Moon slows us down so that our roots can grow deeper under her sensual creativity. It is a time to cultivate the miracle of the Earths magic.

Connecting with Mother Earth under a Taurus Moon can help you to find a subtle clarity arising from a place of inward receptivity. This is a time for tilling ~ before planting the seed ~ be like the rivers and streams and follow the path of least resistance.

A sweet ceremony for you:

  1. Create a vessel out of something from the earth ~ clay, sticks, leaves, twigs, flower petals or even paper with herbs and spices glued on or stained onto the paper ~ be creative sisters & brothers.
  1. Do a meditation calling on Mother Earth and Grandmother Moon to bring you a word, a picture or a sound that will connect you to the clarity that is arising in you. You may want to use rosemary or peppermint oil in a diffuser or on your wrists to enhance clarity of mind. If you have any fluorite or citrine you may want to place them near you or hold them during your meditation.
  1. Here are a few questions to ask yourself:
    • What are you beginning?
    • What are you cooking?
    • What is transforming?
  1. Draw or write your answer and place it in the vessel ~ or maybe write or draw your answer on your vessel. Place anything else in your vessel that feels grounding and centering. The vessel is there for you to connect with your center ~ to receive the clarity that is arising.

Place the vessel on your altar and tomorrow once you have your Moon Water created ~ place a few drops in your vessel ~ or even do it daily until the New Moon in Scorpio.

T’was the Evening of Samhain

by Cather Steincamp

‘Twas the evening of Samhain, and all through the place

were pagans preparing the ritual space.

The candles were set in the corners with care,

in hopes that the Watchtowers soon would be there.

We all had our robes on (as is habitual)

and had just settled down and were starting our ritual

when out on the porch there arose such a chorus

that we went to the door, and waiting there for us

were children in costumes of various kinds

with visions of chocolate bright in their minds.

In all of our workings, we’d almost forgot,

but we had purchased candy (we’d purchased a LOT),

And so, as they flocked from all over the street,

they all got some chocolate or something else sweet.

We didn’t think twice of delaying our rite,

Kids just don’t have this much fun every night.

For hours they came, with the time-honored schtick

of giving a choice: a treat or a trick.

As is proper, the parents were there for the games,

Watching the children and calling their names.

“On Vader, On Leia,

On Dexter and DeeDee,

On Xena, on Buffy,

Casper and Tweety!

To the block of apartments

on the neighboring road;

You’ll get so much candy,

you’ll have to be TOWED!”

The volume of children eventually dropped,

and as it grew darker, it finally stopped.

But as we prepared to return to our rite,

One child more stepped out of the night.

She couldn’t have been more than twelve or thirteen.

Her hair was deep red, and her robe, forest green

with a simple gold cord tying off at the waist.

She’d  a staff in her hand and a smile on her face.

No make-up, nor mask, or accompanying kitsch,

so we asked who she was; she replied “I’m a witch.

And no, I don’t fly through the sky on my broom;

I only use that thing for cleaning my room.

My magical powers aren’t really that neat,

but I won’t threaten tricks; I’ll just ask for a treat.”

We found it refreshing, so we gave incense cones,

A candle, a crystal, a few other stones,

And the rest of the candy (which might fill a van).

She turned to her father (a man dressed as Pan)

and laughed, “Yes, I know, Dad, it’s past time for bed,”

and started to leave, but she first turned and said

“I’m sorry for further delaying your rite.

Blessed Samhain to all, and a magical night.”

October 30th, 2017 The Sabbat of Samhain {Halloween}

Samhain is one of the Greater Sabbats of the Witches’ calendar and in the Northern Hemisphere is celebrated on the night of 31st October (in the Southern Hemisphere the equivalent Sabbat is Beltane 30th April). Samhain is the third and last of three autumnal harvests, the first was at Lammas (1st August) when in tribute to the waning Sun, the “Corn King” was sacrificed and his spirit returned to the ground for its period of rest. The second harvest was at Mabon (22nd September), when as the Sun grew weaker; the “Lord of the Harvest” was sacrificed and waits to be reborn in the New Year of the Goddess. 

Now as we complete the third and final harvest, Samhain marks the change from summer into winter. Traditionally it is time to bring in the animals from their summer grazing and to stock up their winter feed supplies. A cull would be made and animals slaughtered, and the meat preserved to provide food for winter. As the animals died so the people could survive, so too does the “King of the Hunt” die in a final act of sacrifice. As the summer sunlight fades and the darkness of winter approaches, we celebrate the “Feast of the Dead”, a farewell tribute to the Sun God. While the Goddess mourns his death, she also begins her own descent into the underworld, there to search for him again. 

Samhain means “Summer’s end”, and is known by many different names: November Eve, All Hallows Eve, Hallowmas, Feast of Apples, Night of Spirits, Halloween and the Feast of the Dead. In the Gaelic languages of Ireland, Samhain is also known as “Oíche Shamhna”, in Scotland “Oidhche Shamhna” and in Wales “Nos Calan Gaeaf”. Depending on where you come from, Samhain also has many pronunciations, like in Ireland it is pronounced “sow-in”, in Scotland “sav-en” and in Wales “sow-een”. 

Samhain is one of the most popular and widespread pagan festivals in the Celtic calendar and is traditionally regarded as the “Celtic New Year”. In modern times it is a night of fun and celebration, of glowing Jack O’Lanterns, trick or treating and dressing up in costumes as Wicked Witches. It is also a night for divination, for attending séances, tarot card readings and scrying with mirrors. For the occult-minded, it is a night of power, when the veil between the unseen world and ours is at its thinnest, a night when the spirits of the departed are free to roam. 

When Christianity arrived in the British Isles they tried to eradicate popular pagan practices by replacing them with their own customs, and so Samhain, as celebrated on the night of 31st October, was renamed “All Hallows Eve”, which later became shortened to “Halloween”. The following day 1st November was named “All Saint’s Day”, on which day they would celebrate the spirits of Heaven and pray for those they sent to Hell. On the eve of All Saint’s Day (All Hallows Eve), they developed the custom of banging pots and pans together so the lost souls in Hell would know they were not forgotten. 

Down through the ages, Samhain has always been considered an auspicious time for divination, for contacting ancestors and other departed souls. It was customary therefore to place lights along roadways to help guide spirits out for the dark and to leave open a door or window with a candle or other light burning to lead them back from whence they had left. This was the beginning of the ever popular Jack O’Lantern custom of today, in which lights or candles are placed in pumpkins so the wind will not extinguish them. These are now used to decorate homes and to frighten off mischievous souls who may have lost their way. 

Another old custom was to leave out food offerings on their doorsteps, a welcome invitation to the spirits of family members, ancestors, friends, pets and other loved ones to cross the threshold of their home and revisit. After all the hard work of collecting in the harvest, it was also a time for family reunions, when in the warmth and dimly lit smoky rooms of the home, wood and peat for the fire was stacked up high by the hearth, and members of the family all came together to celebrate a winter feast. During the feast bards re-told stories about those long gone, traditional songs would be sung, poetry recited and dances performed in honour of the ancestors. 

Bonfires played a large part in the festival of Samhain. On the night of Samhain, each household would extinguish their hearth-fires and then wait for the druids to light the village bonfire, symbolising a new light for the New Year. Most often two fires would be lit side by side, and during the evening’s celebrations, villagers would light torches from the common flame and re-light their own hearth fires. Later, they would parade and dance around the village and lead their animals between the fires in a ritual act of purification. 

In Scotland, a child born on the night of Samhain was considered to be gifted with “an dà shealladh” (the Two Sights), which is more commonly known today as “second sight” or the ability of clairvoyance. At Samhain however, it was common for many people to practice the art of divination, females, in particular, would seek to identify future husbands, and determine if the marriage would succeed or fail. Methods differed widely, but seasonal foods such as apples and nuts from the harvest were frequently used. An apple could be peeled in one long strip and tossed over the shoulder to determine the initial letter of a future spouse’s name. Nuts would be placed on a heated hearth and their movements closely watched; if the nuts stayed together so would the couple, but if they rolled apart the marriage would fail. 

Candles also play an important part in Samhain celebrations and are often used to decorate the home creating the right mood for the occasion with their hypnotic glow. Ever since the fire was discovered, the naked flame has been regarded as sacred, and in ancient times lighted touches were used to invoke the Goddess and Gods. Similarly today the naked flame of lighted candles are used to aid divination, to commune with deities and more particularly at this time, to connect with ancestors and other departed souls. 

To our ancestor’s winter was a time of famine and hardship, more so for the old and feeble when many failed to survive the following winter months. Samhain at the start of the winter season and the beginning of the Celtic New Year was, therefore, a poignant time to honour those who had died before them. To pagans and witches alike Samhain is a celebration in honour of our ancestors, much as they honoured us in the days before we were born. As the wheel of life continues to turn so will they honour us again, for time will come when we too cross the divide and take up our own place beside them. 

In more recent times the association of death with Samhain has been maligned to include the assumption of evil, and today is often portrayed as a night when malignant forces combine to create all manner of baneful harm. Such could not be further from the truth, for while it may be possible for negative forces to cross the divide, it is not in any way a night of evil or hostile intent. Even though the holiday has changed over the years, its intent is still clear – it is a celebration of respect for the dead and of a new beginning to come. It is a holiday that commemorates both life and death and recognizes the need to exist in harmony with the past, present and future.

samhainA Samhain Ritual

The altar should be set with a black cloth, a smoldering cauldron, black votives at the corners or at direction altars, with a single white taper at the center.  Adorn the central altar and direction altars with arrangements of dark dried flowers, reeds, and grasses.  A figure of the goddess as crone should be present.  (This can easily be made from a black scarf or cloth.)  Wear a dark robe with a hood.  If a loved one or beloved pet has made the transition to the Summerland during the year, you may choose to include a small photograph on the altar.  Near the cauldron, have a bowl with a few short sturdy twigs and dried leaves.

Grounding and Centering:

Focus on your altar and the meaning of this season with these words: 

“Within the cycle of life, there comes a time when the light is dim and energy has retracted.  It is a time to honor our dead and those in their declining years.  It is a time to look forward to the life that grows ever out of death.” 

Cast the Circle deosil with athame or wand extended, repeating this chant: 

“Crone and sage, crone and sage,

Wisdom is the gift of age.

Hoof and Horn, Hoof and Horn,

All that dies shall be reborn.” 

After returning to the altar, invoke the spirits of the directions, lighting the black votive on the direction altar or on that corner of your main altar with these words: 

“Spirit of East I do invite

To join my circle in dark of night.

Your Air now brings me winds so chill.

My rushing life becomes quite still.

My thoughts and words in somber quest

Invoke you now with all the rest.

Spirit of South I need your light.

I need your warmth on this dark night.

I beg you, make the shadows go.

I seek creative passion so.

Be with me on this night so black

With fire and heat which now I lack.


Spirit of West, of water clear

Please join me; bring your presence near.

I need your insight as I strive

To reckon death, then be alive.

I need your feelings deep and strong

To move me like a sacred song.


Spirit of North, of sacred Earth

Be here through death and through rebirth.

Nurture me in this awesome task

Here in the dark, is what I ask.

As darkness deep within is found,

Please join me on your hallowed ground.


Goddess, Crone of the dying light, of the death of the year,

Be with me as I honor the close of a cycle.

Bless me with your wisdom as the end draws near.

I request your presence and your reassurance

That the end is but another beginning;

That as the light goes, yet it will come again;

That death brings with it the promise of life to come.

Guide me that I might know your gift for my loved ones,

That they will rest and be reborn, refreshed and renewed.


I am now in that place,

In that sacred space between the worlds.

I am where my ancestors have gone.

I am where my loved ones watch me.

I am in a world beyond time

Where the goddess guides me

Where I am one with the world

Where I open my heart and mind

Where I love and learn.

Blessed be.” 

Honoring those who have gone on to the Summerland: 

If you have a photograph on your altar, hold it close, or hold in your heart a loved one who has made the final transition.  If you have no one in your life who has made this transition, honor the many lives wasted in war and crime.  Say these words: 

“Do not stand at my grave and weep

I am not there, I do not sleep

I am a thousand winds that blow

I am the diamond glints on snow

I am the sunlight on ripened grain

I am the gentle autumn rain

When you awaken in the morning’s hush

I am the swift uplifting rush

of quiet birds in circled flight

I am the soft stars that shine at night.

Do not stand at my grave and cry

I am not there. I did not die.”


(“I Am Not There”  –  This poem or elegy has been attributed to Mary Elizabeth Frye 1932).


Magickal Working:

Samhain marks the New Year.  You have looked back at losses of the past.  Now look ahead.  As you look to the New Year, you must look within.  Take a twig from the bowl and holding it in your hands focus on a strength you have which you would take with you into the New Year.  Say these words as you drop the twig into the cauldron: 

I am strong and empowered by my ______.  As this twig adds power to the flames I know my ______ adds to the strength of those I touch.” 

Take a dry leaf from the bowl, and holding it in your hands, focus on something of yourself you would leave behind with the passing year.  Say these words as you drop the leaf into the cauldron: 

Be gone from me, ______. I have no use for you in my life.  As this leaf turns to ash in the flame, so _______ burns and is gone.” 

Light the white candle while focusing on an attribute or skill you wish for yourself in the coming year.  Look into the flame as you say these words:

My wish is for ______. I know a wish alone will not bring this to me.  I am empowering myself here and now to take steps in the new year to create for myself this ______

I face the New Year with joy and love,

Things to keep, to acquire, to be free of.

To insure that the magick will come true,

I will help it happen in all that I do.” 

Opening the Circle:

Thank you Goddess Crone for your presence here.

I ask you always to be near.

On this night and in this hour

I have felt your magick power.


I thank directions spirits all

For coming with my opening call.

You are of the goddess; go with her now.

My thanks for your presence during my vow.


Thanks for her sweet breath which is air,

And thanks for the fire, her spirit fair,

Thanks water which fills her place of birth,

And thanks for her body, our sacred Earth.


I go forth from this sacred space

Into the New Year

Empowered to be more

Than I have been.

Sun Moves Into Scorpio: October 24, 2017

This week brings some shifts in energies as the Sun moves into Scorpio, beginning the Scorpio season of darkness, myth and magic.  With the mind already processing the inner workings of the psyche now that Mercury is in Scorpio, and Jupiter’s entry into Scorpio squeezes out the nasty secrets in the entertainment business as well as the political realm (both Jupiter’s realm), we can no longer hide from the difficult and the dark.

On a positive note, challenging conversations may become easier under the influence of Scorpio, and our personal path to growth can be illuminated with the Sun aligned with expansive Jupiter.  Mars, the planet that inspires and motivates us, has moved into Libra where it yearns to find balance and integrate the confusion of opposites into one complete whole of understanding and compassion.

Over the next two weeks, you may find yourself feeling more emotionally sensitive and reactive than usual as a challenging square aspect takes shape between Saturn (tests and insecurity) and Chiron (emotional wounds).  While this can be an uncomfortable dynamic, it can also help to facilitate the processing and release of old wounds that bind us to the past.

SUNPlanetary Illuminations:

Understanding Planets

Sun. The Self/soul. Issues of identity, physical vitality, development of Will. Personality, self-expression.
Correspondences: 5th house, Leo
Moon. Issues of emotional development, instinctive response, intimacy, attitude towards home/family. Image of the mother.
Correspondences: 4th house, Cancer.
Mercury. Functions of experience, thought, belief, learning. Concern with details. Language, communication, short journeys, siblings.
Correspondences: 3rd house, Gemini; 6th house, Virgo
Venus. Issues of relating to others, tastes and attitudes, values, self-indulgence. Physical security. Facet of image of partner/anima for men and sexual identity for women.
Correspondences: 2nd house, Taurus; 7th house, Libra
Mars. Drive, desire-both sexual and other. Capacity to get what you want/express anger/set boundaries. Facet of image of partner/animus for women and sexual identity for men.
Correspondences: 1st house, Aries. Ancient ruler of Scorpio/8th house.
Jupiter. Faith, optimism. Expansion of consciousness, limitations. Issues of self-actualization, confidence. Philosophy and theology. Correspondences: 9th house, Sagittarius, ancient ruler of Pisces/12th house.
Saturn. The imposition of limitations, discipline to attain goals. Issues of emotional security, responsibility. Image of the father. Correspondences: 10th house, Capricorn. Ancient ruler of Aquarius.
Uranus. Radical thinking, rebellion, disruption of status quo. Autonomy, development of unique individuality. Higher octave of Mercury. Correspondences: 11th house, Aquarius
Neptune. Dissolution of ego, transcendence of physical reality. Spiritual experience, addiction. Merging of boundaries, inspiration. Higher octave of Venus. Correspondences: 12th house, Pisces.
Pluto. Power of transformation. Breakdown of reality, death/destruction leading to rebirth and rebuilding. Issues of power, sexuality, compulsion. Higher octave of Mars. Correspondences: 8th house, Scorpio
Chiron. Planetoid discovered in 1977. The wounded healer: a painful psychological/physical wound that motivates the individual to greater growth and understanding. Correspondences: 6th house/Virgo.

Libra New Moon, October 20, 2017: Finding Balance in the Midst of Chaos

The New Moon is the darkest time of the lunar cycle – the time when there is no lunar light. The Sun and Moon are in exact alignment in the sky, at the same degree, and the lunar light is obscured by the Sun. For a brief moment, we are suspended in time, and life is full of unrealized potential.

New Moons are famously a time for a new beginning.  A new lunar cycle – a new way of looking at the world.  In Libra, that new beginning takes the form of a new way of seeing all of the different kinds of relationships in our world: relationships between people, polarities of ideas, the spectrum of beliefs.  Under the influence of Libra, everything is weighed against another in the attempt to find balance and perfect harmony.  Giving and receiving and the sharing of energy becomes more important, and integrating the two into a perfect flow becomes the goal.

This perfect harmony is difficult to achieve in today’s world which is full of accelerated intensity and chaos, and the achievement of equilibrium is made more difficult in this year’s Libra New Moon as a disruptive force applies pressure on both the Sun and Moon, demanding that we get out of our comfortable environments and find a new way that is more authentic and true. And yet Venus, the ruler of this New Moon, is also in the sign of Libra, reminding us that love and beauty are of paramount importance, and what will save this world and ourselves as well.

Still, there is a force of intensity and passion that continues knocking at the soul’s door, demanding to be let in. This force cares nothing for the balance and harmony that Libra seeks to teach; instead, it insists on nothing less than absolute truth.  We find ourselves stepping ever deeper into the realm of darkness, and then emerging into the light and learning to balance the two. This process may bring up old wounds and emotions as we learn to clear the psychic debris of the past and emerge into the light with greater harmony and integration.

The New Moon is a perfect time to begin something new.  It is an auspicious time for a new relationship or partnership, and a wonderful time to transform a current relationship into a more balanced connection.  This New Moon asks that we allow the dark and inconvenient truths to emerge into the light, and integrate them into an awakened consciousness, and facilitates the process of moving forward into an enlightened destiny.

Geeky details:  Jupiter is conjunct Mercury in Scorpio, Mars in Virgo is opposite Chiron, Venus is singleton in Libra.  The New Moon trines the South Node and sextiles the North.

Jupiter in Scorpio and Venus in Libra

Two planets change signs this week: Jupiter moves into Scorpio on October 10th and Libra into Venus on the 14th.  When planets change signs there is a shift of focus and a shift of energies that can help us to break out of old patterns and find new pathways to move our lives along in a new direction.

Jupiter will be in Scorpio for about a year, and you can read more about that cycle here,  In its role as King of the Gods, Jupiter brings a higher awareness to the energies of the sign through which it moves, and in Scorpio Jupiter seeks a broader awareness and higher expression of power, emotional intensity, sexuality, and shared finance such as taxes and financial markets. But Jupiter is also known for excessive confidence and complacency, such as we saw in 2005-06 when Jupiter was last in Scorpio and presided over the expansion of the housing market.  Scorpio is also associated with secrets and mysteries, and Jupiter’s travels through Scorpio often bring up new revelations from the mists of time.

While Jupiter is in Scorpio (until November 8, 2018) it will be difficult to hide from our shadow Self.  That may sound negative and it CAN be dysfunctional if we become stuck in the shadow rather than face the darkness and find our way to the light. True empowerment lies in facing our inner Truth and mining it for all of the riches that are found there.

Venus moves more quickly and changes signs every 23 days or so except during its retrograde phases. The influence of Venus is not very powerful and we tend not to notice it as much, but the transition from the modesty and concern for details of Venus in Virgo to the focus on balance and harmony of Venus in Libra on the 14th of October will tend to create more ease and flow in our relationships and in the rest of our lives as well.

The Libra influence is pronounced over the next few days since both the Sun and Mercury are in Libra, and the New Moon on October 19th is in Libra.  Under the canopy of Libra’s light, we find ourselves more sensitive to dissonance and disharmony in the world.  Diplomacy and tact, our love of beauty and attention to aesthetics – all of these things will become more important over the next week and until the completion of the New Moon.

Aries Full Moon October 5, 2017 – Tragic King

The Full Moon on 5 October 2017 falls at 12º Aries decan 2. This is only one aspect to Mercury and an adjustment quincunx to Neptune from the Sun. The Full Moon falls on the fixed star Alderamin in Cepheus the King.

This Full Moon in Aries decan 2 has no special dignity and will generally run counter to popular culture since the Moon usually rules what is popular. Full Moon in Aries 2 is a protector and warrior, rather than a conventional nurturer.

This spartan Full Moon teaches us then to be strong and independent, and we will reject people or projects that appear too ‘needy’. At this Full Moon, the family may be seen as a shackle, especially for those who like to keep active and travel light.

We may find it very hard to put down roots, as this energy makes us the proverbial rolling stones who gather no moss. The Moon in Cepheus the King.

Full Moon October Astrology

Manilus says of Cepheus; “Offspring of Cepheus will also furnish words for the buskin of tragedy [Cepheus is depicted in the garb of a tragic actor] whose pen, if only on paper, is drenched in blood; and the paper [the audience at a performance], no less will revel in the spectacle of crime and catastrophe in human affairs.”] This Moon brings popularity to writers of tragedy, horror, thrillers and murder mystery into the collective. Aries decan 2 is ruled by the Sun which means it is also the Leo decan of Aries, it will raise issues of sovereignty. Who is fit to be our leader? Someone who has the characteristics of Alderamin perhaps?

Full Moon October on Alderamin

Fixed star Alderamin is on the right shoulder of the king. Most of constellation Cepheus (The King) aligns with Aries decan 2 (Six of the fourteen stars) which suits this very regal decan just fine. Alderamin is the largest star in Cepheus but it doesn’t get a specific write up. Robson says of “Cepheus in general “It gives authority and a sober mind, sometimes making its natives judges or arbitrators, but exposes to cruel and severe trials.”

Bernadette Brady, on the other hand, writes that “Alderamin symbolizes balanced male energy, in harmony with the feminine and the earth with the context of the focus, concentrated energy of the masculine, rather than the more passive, intuitive energy of the feminine. It is the version of kingship represented in Celtic myths of the King who willingly returns his body to the soil in order to fertilize his culture. Strong, but in harmony with life. The star is associated with gentle power, focused and forceful but not aggressive” [1] We see an element of melancholy and resigned sacrifice for the good of the whole. This is not a King who is about service to his own egotistical ambitions, despite the burning solar energy of this decan as a whole.

Full Moon October Aspects

Moon opposite Mercury creates a synergy or conflict between the rational mind and gut instincts. The restlessness creates great drive and a state of flux like the tides washing in and out. This can make for a very creative, self-purifying energy with a huge need to communicate the fluctuating moods to a wider audience. Artistically this aspect shows itself as paying close attention to the small details, whether it be clothing, architecture, visual appearance or behavior. The tension of the opposition manifests as a magic wand once we have tamed the mind to work with intuition. This highly strung energy needs plugging into something creative in order to channel its nervous, restlessness.

Sun quincunx Neptune makes us prone to dissolving! So those touched by this Full Moon may have great difficulty holding onto their ego. Boundaries between ourselves and others are blurry and some are able to absorb the collective unconsciousness like a  sponge. The is a proclivity to escapism and all forms of addictions. This is because physical sensitivity to the pain in the real world is so great. Some people could suffer health problems due to their lack of ‘armour’ from external penetration, psychically or physically. Others can be too self-sacrificial, devoting themselves entirely to a person or cause.

Full Moon October 2017 – Summary

This Full Moon in Aries 2 teaches us that we get the leaders we deserve. If we are too dependent on authorities then, of course, we lay open to abuse by them. The more power we give these ‘Kings’ over our lives, the more danger there is of them abusing it. This is a spartan Full Moon which means we have to let go of our dependency on collectivism and group-think. There is a call now for individualism. Many different individual thinkers and divergent thoughts are far less easy to put into boxes and control.

The aspects of this October Full Moon are about making an adjustment and the ability to be fluid. As soon as someone thinks they have you nailed, you need to be chameleon-like and able to change your colors. Don’t make it easy for them! There is positive self-sacrifice and negative self-sacrifice. One who “willingly returns his body to the soil in order to fertilize his culture.” would be a positive way to give yourself up for the greater good. But becoming human bait for vampiric entities to manipulate their own agendas, would be a negative way.

Source: Dark Star Astrology